Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

It's extremely important that you feel comfortable with the strategies your financial advisor is implementing.

Here are the six investment rules we're proud to stand by:

In order for us to provide you with the best solutions possible, we need to know where you currently stand financially, and what goals you hope to achieve in the future.  Developing an initial financial plan sets the stage for us to build you a custom tailored investment portfolio. 
Determining the asset allocation of your portfolio means finding the right combination of investments to meet your long-term goals, without taking on more risk than you’re comfortable with. It’s the foundation by which all good long-term investment plans are built. 
We typically utilize low-cost, no-load mutual funds, use limited trading strategies and minimize taxes through long-term holding periods. 
The long-term strategies utilized by Reliant Wealth Management will help ensure that you’re not paying too much in taxes. If you have been working with an advisor that implements short-term trading strategies, it’s time to consider whether your investment returns are being maximized after taxes are considered. More often than not, you could be sending less money to Uncle Sam every year! 

Working with Reliant Wealth Management means that you can always expect:

1. Full Disclosure of Material Facts

2. Complete Transparency

3.  Objective Advice

As many investors discovered during the 2007-2009 market downturn, it can be very difficult to stick to your investment plan. In fact, many do-it-yourself investors found themselves selling their portfolios at rock bottom prices, only to buy them back a year or two later after they had already significantly rebounded.

Panic selling of this nature (selling low and then buying back high) is among the most common investor mistakes, and it severely reduces your returns.

What it often indicates is that the investor’s portfolio was constructed with too much risk in the first place and is in need of a reevaluation.

Reliant Wealth Management can help you build a risk-managed portfolio based on your personalized risk tolerance levels. This will help you to avoid these costly mistakes in the future.