Asset Management

Asset Management

Reliant Wealth Management utilizes a simple 4-step process for helping our clients get the best investments possible to help them reach their long-term goals.  If you become a client of ours, we'll take the following steps to ensure you have a portfolio that you're comfortable with.

Step 1: Determine Your Risk Tolerance:

It's important that we first understand how comfortable our clients are with investing.  We do this by helping them determine their risk tolerance.  A clients risk tolerance can be determined by figuring out how much "downside risk" they are truly comfortable taking.

Step 2: Propose Investment Portfolio

Now that we know how comfortable our clients are with investing, we can help them select one of our investment portfolios.  We also create custom investment solutions for some our clients when they need an allocation that's more unique than our portfolio offerings.  Either way, our you'll end up with investments that you're comfortable with.

Step 3: Implement the Portfolio:

Now that our clients are comfortable with our recommendation, it's time to get the money transferred and invested. We work with our clients every step of the way to ensure their money is transferred safely and efficiently to our custodian.

Step 4: Monitor Investments

Now it's time to track the investments over time and ensure that the asset allocation doesn't shift too far away from our client's risk threshold. We hold periodic meetings with our clients to discuss the recent performance of their portfolio and confirm that our clients are still comfortable with their investment plan.